We know it's hard to find a reliable WordPress expert when you need one, which is why we've set on a mission to bring them all to one place: here.


989 of every 1000 completed projects are rated with 5/5 stars.

First Feature Highlight

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Getting the job done properly

WpHelpMaster is for everyone

We take care of your WordPress tasks, so you can focus on what you’re good at.

Be it a custom WooCommerce shop (we are their official partners) or any other type of WordPress based solution – we have helped over 9,000 businesses like yours.
With a spotless track record.

Projects we work on every day include:

  • Customize WordPress themes and plugins
  • All things maintenance (e.g. optimizations, adjustments, security)
  • Full stack WP development
  • Creating websites from scratch – design to completion

Turning down clients because you’re understaffed? Finding good freelancers is hard.Small to medium sized agencies from around the globe rely on us every day to get the job done. From custom WordPress plugins to large and complex projects – our certified developers get the job done. On time, every time.

We offer a helping hand, when a project:
comes at a time you are fully occupied
demands specific knowledge your team doesn’t possess
is not challenging enough but you still want it done

How to pimp up your blog and still have plenty of time for creating great content.

WordPress is such a flexible system, you can change almost anything! While it’s your job to create awesome content, we are happy to help out with the technical side of things.

Let’s spice things up with:
customisation of your ThemeForest or any other (free or premium) theme or template
tweaking your website’s look and feel (HTML, CSS)
installing different plugins (e.g. for sharing your content to TW, FB, Pinterest,…)

Developed great plugins – maybe for the repo? Sold your premium WordPress themes online? Consider yourself a top WP developer? Let us put you in front of 22,000 professional clients. Projects you won’t find anywhere else. This is the place you want to work.

If you can prove you’re a world beating WordPress developer, by your git profile, plugins in the repo or other means then contact us using the support icon in the bottom right of our site and we can talk about this.

Join us and benefit from:
a steady income with a guaranteed minimum hourly rate
working with great, loyal clients
being a part of our reputable expert community

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What to expect of us?

  • What to expect of us?

    Based in the US and Europe.

    Each of our 275+ skilled WordPress experts on board have gone through a rigorous testing process where only 2% succeed.


    We’re here 24-7.

    After you post a project, it usually takes around 10 minutes before first responses start to arrive.


    Extraordinary customer service.

    We are responsive, 100% human and always go the extra mile for you. Just a ping away, whenever you need us.


    Ensured by our strict guidelines

    Our developers are only allowed to take on clearly defined projects they can solve, in their area of expertise on time.


    Estimates, no bidding.

    Based upon the information you provide, available developers give estimates. The Average + 15% Codeable Fee = Your Quote.


    100% risk free.

    Should we ever not live up to our high standards, you are of course entitled to a refund.

What our customers think about us

  • Franz Sauerstein
    Codeable has helped triple my agency's revenue, because I always know that the perfect dev for every task is just a click away. Love it.
    Franz Sauerstein
  • Nathan Marcarelli
    Codeable continues to deliver top of the line results when we need to outsource a particular project. The developer acts like a part of the team, and there is no need to micromanage. I encourage anyone looking for WordPress development to give Codeable a shot.
    Nathan Marcarelli
  • John Drago
    This is my third task with Sixto and I can’t express how amazing he is to work with. He really knows his stuff and is very patient when I’m clueless about the back end procedure. He makes it easy with his warmth and humour as well. Professional, personable, and patient. Can it get any better than that!
    John Drago CEO ExtremePDA LLC.

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